ChinaFriendFinder - online chinese datingOne of the early China dating sites, once considered a very good online Chinese dating website.  However, in recent years it has gone way down hill. Many complaints have been made about sexually explicit photos being shown on the site, scammers and prostitutes running wild with no effort to control them, male members frequently only interested in cybersex, with no real intention to find a long term relationship or wife, and extremely poor service. All these problems have brought this once proud Chinese dating website into disrepute. Added to that, it seems to have become almost impossible to navigate. Everything about it is confusing and frustrating. There are far too many meaningless distractions for western men or Chinese women who are seeking a real marriage or a long term relationship from their Chinese dating sites. If all you’re interested in is casual China dating, cybersex or cheap thrills then by all means give it a try. But for serious daters looking for quality online Chinese dating services, be very wary. Sure the site is still very busy, but it’s impossible to even guess how many of those members are real and how many are just out to see you naked (if you’re a Chinese woman) or to steal your money (regardless of who you are). We’re giving this old online Chinese dating site 2 stars, partly because it still does have lots of members if you don’t mind trying to tell if they’re real or not and partly because we can’t forget the old days when this site was the greatest Chinese dating site of all. Sadly, it is in bad need of an overhaul these days.