is one of the new Chinese dating sites that are owned and operated by people experienced in the Russian dating scene. This site is attached in some fashion to the Anastasia dating network. appears to be modeled on a nearly identical scheme as which is reviewed above.  Given it’s connection to Russian dating, which has always been highly suspected of scamming its own members, together with a clear operational plan nearly identical to CHNLove, a suspect scammer organization involved in Chinese dating, AsianBeauties is also highly suspect.

In this day and age, with such top quality Chinese dating sites as and offering low monthly rates for full contact with all members, including instant messaging and video chat and in the best cases also including instant translation, why would anyone interested in China dating wish to pay for each individual contact and to have messages translated at a huge expense? This is a fool’s game and anyone buying into it is indeed being foolishly gullible.  There’s just no reason to pay these exorbitant rates.  Don’t let the glossy glamour photos fool you. Even the ones that have a real women member behind them are greatly enhanced by both the photographer and the website.

It would appear that, like CHNLove, is tying itself to a large network of Chinese agencies in China, and it will eventually either have to directly take part in scams, or at last knowingly turn a blind eye to the scams being perpetrated by its Chinese dating agency partners.   The  scam itself involves the posting of false member profiles and then charging exorbitant rates to contact those false members and for translation of messages to and from them. It isn’t hard to guess who’s writing the letters and then translating them if the member doesn’t really exist.  Obviously either the website or its Chinese agency is guilty of fraud. We have no specific evidence as to AsianBeauties since they are relatively new. At the very least though, one must assume that knows full well what is bound to be going on and is condoning it in the name of big profits.  As the saying goes, “If it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck; chances are pretty good it’s a duck”.

You should never involve yourself in any online Chinese dating activity that requires you to pay for each individual contact or to pay for letters to be translated – the chances that you’re being scammed by your own Chinese dating website is far too high.  Even if you aren’t being scammed, you are being seriously ripped off by fees that are far too high for services that are dramatically inferior. cannot be trusted at this time and you should avoid them at all cost.  In addition, as we’ve said before, if you are a Western man or a Chinese woman you should be very cautious about dealing with any Chinese based, on the ground, dating or marriage agency. 99% of them are a complete scam.