chinadarlings - online chinese datingWe were quite surprised by our visit to this website to review it.  We’d heard the name bandied about over the years, and seen it on the occasional Google search, so we assumed that we’d come to a relatively busy Online Chinese Dating Site, but not so.  As Chinese dating services go about the only good thing we can say is that you won’t likely get scammed there, not because they have any scammer screening or because they’re actively protecting you, but because there’s nobody there to scam you, or to be scammed by you if you’re a scammer.  This is the emptiest, least active China dating site we’ve ever seen.

There was nobody there!  There were allegedly 2 people logged on and we were one of them, and this was in the evening (China time) when it should have been at its busiest. This is one Chinese dating website that you could “fire a cannon through” with no fear of hurting anyone. To put it in perspective we did a search for women between the ages of 30 to 40, which is a fairly broad range.  At that moment our top site, CLM, had 34 obviously real Chinese women between 30 and 40 online. By contrast, the 34th last woman to log in to did so over 8 months ago.  The very last Chinese woman between 30 to 40 to log into this website did so 17 days earlier.

Just to be clear, we are not saying that is a “bad” website – you’re in no danger of being scammed there. However, we are saying it is a pathetic website and you’re in extreme danger of being bored to death.  Unlike, this website isn’t even good for a laugh.  We highly recommend that you don’t bother wasting your time on this one unless your idea of a great online Chinese dating experience is wandering around for days on end in a large empty space trying to locate anyone who might be breathing.