Chinese Kissess-onlinechinesedatingWe’re really sorry but we are not going to have much to say about this self styled online Chinese Dating site. The fact is that we could not bring ourselves to go beyond the home page. We just could not face anymore pages as badly designed as the home page itself.  The site appears to have been created by someone living in America in the 1950s or earlier and who had never met a Chinese person, or perhaps had never been out of his own basement. In fact we can imagine that one of the “mail order brides” companies of the late 1800s might well have designed a page just like this.

If you were out to insult Chinese people you could not do a better job than the patronizing, hokey plastic “Chinese” design of this supposed purveyor of Chinese dating services. We presented it to a number of Chinese women and they were all truly affronted by the ignorance of the design. No self respecting Chinese woman would be caught dead on this site, and if they have any real women at all they are certainly among the least sophisticated women in all of China – not the kind of woman you’re hoping to proudly introduce to your family as your beautiful Chinese life mate.

As Chinese dating websites or Chinese dating agencies go, based upon its appearance if you join you are really scraping the bottom of the barrel. It is certainly better than being scammed out of thousands of dollars by the website itself, such as with our Worst of the Worst sites. It’s no doubt also better than fighting off endless scammers such as haunt those other sites listed higher in our worst category.  It’s probably even better than not being able to find anyone else on the site to meet or dating Indonesian men when you’re looking for Chinese women. However, when it comes to true China dating for a real long term relationship is so far below our top two listed sites that there’s just no reason you should want to go there. It’s one more online Chinese dating site to be given a pass. Don’t waste your time.