ChineseLoveLinks - onlinechinesedating.For serious online Chinese dating if you’re seeking marriage or a life partner or life mate then Chinese Love Links is a pretty good choice.  This Chinese dating site provides a very good platform with high quality functions and features and is one of the premiere Chinese Dating Services.  They are a very large Chinese dating service and provide a large pool of great Chinese ladies to choose from. However, if you’re strictly looking for a serious long term relationship or marriage then ChineseLoveLinks may disappoint you as a Chinese Dating website, because it lacks a focus on long term relationship dating only, and you’ll possibly spend some time weeding out the many members who are only looking for short term relationships and casual China dating.

Another factor that pushes this site into second place is that, while it responds to complaints about scammers and acts when action is required and it does provide good online dating safety tips, it does not proactively hunt scammers on the site, does not truly encourage member reporting and does not welcome the opportunity to investigate suspicious activity.  Just the same, while it may not be as security conscious as CLM, compared to every other niche Chinese dating site we’ve reviewed it is a far cleaner and tighter site than all but our #1 choice.  If you’re looking for a good second choice, or you think you’d like to try 2 sites and decide which one you prefer, which is not a bad idea at all, then ChineseLoveLinks is certainly the best site to turn to.

The one other concern with this website is that service is a little on the slow side, and there is no real personal service for serious long term daters.  Unlike CLM there is no means of phoning them and they are very slow to respond to email requests. If you’re only seeking Chinese Dating Services for casual dating, then you don’t need top quality service, and scammers are not such a big issue, but if you’re after your lifepartner then quality service and proactive scammer protection can be pretty important.

Having said that, when it comes to Chinese dating sites ChineseLoveLinks does provide a good online Chinese dating experience. If you’re looking for a Chinese woman or western man for a short term relationship, travel companion or casual dating, this site may be your best choice. Likewise, if you’re looking for a long term relationship and Chinese dating agency type features and you want a second alternative to our top recommended site, then ChineseLoveLinks would be your best option and stands well above the others.

Like CLM, ChineseLoveLinks fees are very reasonable and are based on purchasing the ability to have full contact with all members for a set time period.  Like CLM this is a good, clean and honest website, and there is no fee gouging or scamming going on such as we report about our top worst sites.  Basically we think there are only two niche Chinese dating sites worth your consideration and ChineseLoveLinks is definitely one of them.

As we mentioned, we also think that belonging to two sites and giving them both a spin is a good idea.  You may like both sites and choose to maintain memberships on both for the long term, or you may settle into one or the other as your favourite.  If that seems like a good plan to you then you truly can’t find a better combination of sites to explore than and Between the two you’ll have all your bases covered and you’re bound to succeed in your online Chinese dating, be it long term or short term or a little bit of both.