(also operating as is one of the larger Chinese dating sites, and is focused specifically on long term relationships and marriage. Unfortunately CHNLove has developed a very bad and apparently well deserved reputation for being a scam operation.

CHNLove ties itself to a large network of Chinese dating agencies in China, and it isn’t clear if CHNLove is directly taking part in the scams, or is simply knowingly turning a blind eye to the scams being perpetrated by each Chinese dating agency that it partners with. However, it is impossible to believe that CHNLove doesn’t know what is going on, and it is clearly condoning it in the name of receiving an ugly income from innocent victims who are simply seeking love and marriage.

The basic scam involves the posting of many false member profiles and then charging exorbitant rates to contact those false members and for translation of messages to and from them. While the Chinese dating website will have some real members as well, a large percentage are not. We’ve been in contact with a number of women who have not logged into CHNLove or the partner agency for over a year, but whose profiles remain active and Western men are actively dating them, usually at great expense. Since the members are fake, the messages are also clearly fake as well.

In truth, even if CHNLove isn’t actually knowingly scamming its members, we’d still have them on our “worst” list.  Their program bills on the basis of paying for each contact you make and to have each message you send translated.  This is a giant ripoff and completely out of the dating site scene of 10 years ago.  You can find way more women (real women) on either of and than you can on CHNLove, and for one low fee you can contact all of them and make use of instant translation to chat with them while you are speaking to them on videocam, services not available on CHNLove.  For what you will pay to contact a few women and for endless translation for messages to them, you could easily pay for 1 year Gold memberships on both CLM and CLL, and meet and chat with thousands of real beautiful Chinese women. This whole payment scheme of CHNLove is a complete “fool’s game” and if you go for it, you truly don’t value your money or your time.

CHNLove Chinese dating services cannot be trusted at this time (and maybe never could have been) and you should avoid having anything to do with them.  Do not trust this organization and be sure to avoid their partner agencies. Frankly, if you are a Western man or a Chinese woman you should be very cautious about dealing with any Chinese dating or marriage agency that is based in China, as very few of them have any business ethics at all and most are complete scams.  If CHNLove doesn’t know this about their partner agencies, then they should.

We repeat – stay away from CHNLove unless you’re a glutton for financial and emotional pain.