- Dating Chinese Girls OnlineAt the time of writing this there appear to be two identical so called online Chinese dating sites: and We think that there is a change taking place from the old to the new, but whichever one you’re on, this review applies.

What we can tell you is that for serious online daters seeking real long term relationships with Chinese women, both these sites stink.

First, while the site claims to be about Chinese dating for non-Chinese men, by our count roughly 50% of the women are not Chinese but are a variety of African, Russian, Indonesian, Filipina and other women (Do you think any of them might be Scammers?).  For a supposed Chinese Dating Website it seems odd to us that we specifically found within the last 120 women to join an obvious Scammer from Senegal, a fat, ugly Malaysian displaying her nearly naked and quite repulsive breasts, and an American Caucasian who was obviously a hooker (prostitute), and that was just at a glance – we didn’t look into the other 60 or so non-Chinese women.  By their own count this “Chinese Dating Service” has had under 60 women join in the last month who have posted photos of whom about 30 (one a day) were Chinese women.

To add insult to injury, we have to assume that the women on the site who are Chinese are not seeking China dating of the long term kind, because at the time of our review the third most recent man to join, who was displayed on the home page for all to see, was a butt ugly 54 year old male Caucasian laying on a bed completely naked with his erect penis firmly grasped in his hand and on full display. We kid you not! No self respecting Chinese woman who is sincerely seeking marriage or a life partner would be caught dead on these sites. And neither should you be.

If you’re looking for cheap thrills and a good laugh, or you fancy dating large hairy African men posing as your online dating chinese girl friend, then by all means check or out.  But, if you’re looking for a serious relationship with a real Chinese woman, avoid them like the plague.