Why Online Chinese Dating Is More Popular Among Men Than WomenMost mixed couples dating through online Chinese dating sites largely consist of western guys and Chinese women. What’s more, look up on any Chinese dating site, and you will discover that the number of western men looking for a Chinese mate is many times more than western women. Moreover, while there are plenty of exclusive dating sites offering thousands of profiles of authentic female members from China there are no such sites for Chinese men where they could date girls from west. If you had never given it a thought, this enigma may puzzle you for sometime but in reality it is not much of a mystery.

Perhaps the foremost reason for this is the fact that most Chinese men living in mainland China really don’t care to learn English language unless it is essential for improving their career prospects. On the other hand, Chinese women make a lot of effort to learn English to be able to communicate better with men they are dating on Chinese dating sites. They are more willing to make lifestyle changes and make adjustments once they start living with their western partners since they are expected to do it after their marriage with Chinese men as well.

Another big reason is that dating and marriage is seldom a matter of personal choice in China both for men as well as women. Families play an important role in selecting partners for marriage. Approval of families is of vital importance and it does not need rocket science to figure out that getting a western wife accepted in family is not easy. While most men can get away with mistresses in China if they can afford one, standing up against the wishes of their families to get a wife of their choice is not what they will choose to do.

We like Chinese women for their petite frames and slim silhouettes but when it comes to dating Chinese men, most western women turn out to be taller and heavier than an average guy in mainland China. Coming from a traditional society, most Chinese men really don’t care to date or have long term relationship with women who make them appear small… in more ways than one!