3 Shortcuts to Disappointing Online Chinese DatingDating was never easy but online Chinese dating is a tad more difficult than picking a girl at the bar. You still have to make yourself agreeable and put enough hard work into it so as to attract the right kind of girls. The best thing about online dating, however, is that it eliminates the need of corny pick up lines. Since it is a slow process, you get ample time to think and plan your moves so that you can have a great time as you look around for girl who is just right for you. However, a couple of wrong moves and the whole experience can turn out to be unpleasant and disappointing. To avoid such disappointment follow the three pointers  below which can help you steer clear of trouble.

Missing Profile Pictures – Let’s admit that looks are important for all of us when we are dating. Nobody wants to go start a relationship just to discover that they have been whispering sweet nothings into the ears of Quasimodo’s twin. So if you neglect to post your photographs in your online profile on a Chinese dating site, you simply stand no chance of ever finding a good date.

By the way, do you think you would write to a girl whose profile has no picture or whose picture you don’t find attractive? Accept it guys, on a dating site, looks are more important than we like to admit.

Dull Profile Info – with thousands of profiles on a dating site, why should a girl like yours and write you? Unless you have the looks of a Brad Pitt with a career graph to match, the only way your profile will be noticed is if you take some trouble to make it sound interesting. Scanty information or typo errors along with abbreviated text are the quickest way to discourage a Chinese girl from approaching you.

Giving Up Too Soon – It not only takes time to know someone you have met only a short while ago but also to determine the person is just right for you. Be ready to meet loads of people, talk to them, and even face rejections and heartbreaks before you meet that someone special. Love may happen at first sight, although some would argue that isn’t possible, but for certain it never happens at first click. Each failure, each disappointment prepares you for the ultimate victory. So don’t give up. If you stick around long enough, you will find what you are looking for.