Dating Chinese women online? Learn about mahjong!There is so much emphasis given to finding the right online Chinese dating sites and numerous ways and means to attract the right sort of ladies once you’ve arrived there, but when guys finally meet the right dating partner on a Chinese dating website, they have absolutely no idea how to initiate an interesting conversation with them. This is primarily because they feel confused about what topic they might reasonably reach for to initiate a fun and entertaining discussion; what subject would not only seem interesting but also not be too personal at least during those initial awkward phases of getting to know one another.

The fact that the game of Mahjong originated long ago in ancient China and yet continues to be popular even today causes it to be a great ice breaking topic of discussion. Not only are almost all Chinese familiar with mahjong, but they are usually quite enthusiastic. Even those who are not fans of the game will have a strong opinion about it, so whether pro or con, asking about it will help open the door to a lively and entertaining discussion; just what the doctor ordered for overcoming the inherent shyness of most Chinese women. And if your new Chinese date is well educated it will also lead you to learn some amazing facts about ancient Chinese society and culture, not to mention the present day way of life of many Chinese.

In recent times, Mahjong has touched new heights as one of the most popular board (and gambling) games, not only in China, but internationally as well. The fact that it is both complex and simple at the same time attracts many people towards it just as the mystery and simplicity of Chinese females draws men from around the world towards international Chinese dating sites. Perhaps that is why many western men consider mahjong to be the true representation of the character and soul of Chinese people. And what better way can be there to start an interaction with a prospective Chinese date than to enter into a discussion about a game that is considered to be the essence of this ancient culture.

Not many people are aware of the fact that the interest of Chinese people in sports is intense, although the 2008 Olympics in Beijing certainly opened a lot of eyes to that.  But that intensity is not restricted to outdoor games, and their love of competitive activities extends indoors as well to numerous recreational activities such as ping pong, and includes a host of board games and card games. That is perhaps why China has been the originator of a wide range of board games amongst which Mahjong is by far the most popular. Although, it is not right to expect all natives using Chinese dating websites to know the complete details of the origin and evolution of Mahjong, it is definitely a good topic to get an insight into the Chinese culture in a non-offensive and interesting way. Besides, providing a topic for initiating conversation, it also provides an opportunity to learn how to play the game in its original form. Moreover, any relationship that is initiated in a fun filled and relaxed atmosphere surely will prove much better and more fulfilling than one that immediately bogs down in a discussion of any number of deadly serious and endlessly boring issues.