Traditional Chinese dating styleDespite the tremendous socio-economic changes that China has been undergoing in the past several years, the Chinese society in general is still traditional and conservative to a great extent. The so called “westernization” is largely limited to young people studying in universities and living in metropolitan cities. So while Chinese females have gained considerable personal and financial independence in these modern times, they still continue to face numerous difficulties, especially in those matters related to love and dating. Traditionally, Chinese dating rituals do not allow women much freedom or even choice in deciding the future of a relationship, which is why modern Oriental girls often face immense pressures when it comes to selecting the right dating partner.

It is well known fact that Chinese dating is more about finding a suitable life mate than having fun and experimenting with relationships. This is perhaps why teenagers in China are strictly barred from dating and are often told to focus on their studies by their parents. Many Chinese are of the opinion that young people in their teens are not mature enough to understand the importance of strong alliances and concepts of loyalty and commitment and as such cannot handle the pressures of sustaining a relationship for long. That is why it is deemed prudent for them to abstain from any form of romantic interaction with the opposite sex until they reach a mature age. Sadly women who are less educated or come from a poor and conservative provincial family are considered incapable of finding a suitable life mate even once they enter their twenties and hence are not allowed to date on their own. The only guys they are allowed to date are those young men that have been chosen for them by their families. The prerogative of saying ‘no’ is often enjoyed only by boys, and sometimes not even by them.

Even modern and educated Chinese girls often have to bear great mental strain as they try to cope up with the high expectations of their parents and families to find a suitable life mate by following the traditional Chinese dating customs. In addition, the fact that a majority of modern Chinese females are independent, well educated and have flourishing careers, often makes it difficult for them to meet a prospective life mate who would accept them in their modernized status as most Chinese males do not appreciate those characteristics in a potential mate. Online Chinese dating offers such girls a great way to find love within the confines of their home as international men are usually glad to have a pretty wife who is also highly educated. Moreover, an increasing number of parents are starting to show a willingness to let their daughters seek love and happiness in their own way.