Online Chinese dating as seen by a newcomer to the experience.Having the privilege of being born in the modern day China had never dawned on me more than a few months back when I decided to use online Chinese dating to find my perfect life mate. Although, the thought of their only daughter dating a foreigner, let alone through the internet, did unnerve my parents at first, the fact that they were more concerned with my happiness than anything else made them accept the idea without much hesitation. However, if I had thought that life had become any easier for me, I was proved extremely wrong as I was still to face some of the biggest dilemmas of online dating.

Being totally new to the online dating scenario, I was both nervous and excited at the prospect of meeting my future life mate through Chinese dating websites. However, what made things somewhat tricky for me were the expectations of men seeking Chinese life mates along with the pressure and influences of family to find the suitable guy as soon as possible. Handling both these aspects without losing focus of personal preferences as well as avoiding people with the wrong intentions seemed to be an insurmountable task. Then there was the difficulty of choosing the right website which would not only provide the right environment for dating but also ensure maximum safety and authenticity of the members using the website.

Thankfully, finding the right Chinese dating website did not prove overly difficult for me as many of my friends had been using and recommended it, and then I came across this “Best and Worst Site” which supported what my friends had told me. So I joined CLM and so far I’ve found it to be really good.

However for the other two issues, I am still trying to find the best solution for them. Despite the fact that I was raised in a relatively open and modern atmosphere, the expectations of my parents regarding my life mate were similar to most other Chinese parents. This often makes me feel insecure about them rejecting or, worse, accepting half-heartedly the guy I happen to fall in love and consider perfect for me.

The second and seemingly more difficult problem was that of fighting the image of a stereotypical Chinese female which was largely propagated in the outside world through media and internet. Sadly, many men seeking a Chinese dating partner expect a docile and submissive female and are not really too comfortable with the modern Chinese women like me, who want to pursue their dreams and ambitions. But thankfully not all men turned out to be like that, and an equal percentage seem to expressly want a lifemate who is independent thinking and looking to be a full partner, not merely subservient homekeeper. Discovering this has greatly inspired me to continue my online search for my ideal mate.

NOTE: this article was contributed by a Chinese woman who found our site and is relatively new to online Chinese dating, but we have edited it for purposes of proper English. The meaning however remains the same.