Social Networking or Online Chinese DatingThere is a huge difference between Social Network and Online Dating websites. Social networking is all about expanding your social network by connecting to your friends. Whereas you can find, or try to find, your love on the online dating sites. Therefore, the objective of both the sites is clearly pre-defined. The decision of creating a profile on either of them lies with you and your requirement at the present.

If you are really looking forward to finding someone who can be with you during the trials and tribulations of your life, you should opt for a dating site which offers outstanding features and services. However, before that, the first requirement is deciding on what kind of dating site is suitable for you. It all depends on your requirements as in whether you want to date a girl from your own country or from a different country, or of a different ethnicity or from only your own religion, etc. For instance, if you are impressed by the simplicity and beauty of Chinese women, then turning to Chinese Dating Websites is a smart choice. However, you need to be sure of the sites where you are creating your profile before taking the time and effort to do so.

Keep your eyes open while scouting for a good dating website. There are loads of big names that claim to provide quality Chinese dating services. However, in most cases this is emphatically untrue. Some of the very biggest and best known Chinese dating sites, such as and, are outright scams and rip offs. Therefore, joining to them would put you in great jeopardy of losing lots of money, wasting lots of time and possibly suffering a great loss of pride and or worse, a broken heart. However, a couple of the big names, namely and, do provide top quality Chinese dating services. Moreover, these sites are user-friendly and offer many features that actually help you in achieving your motive. Do your homework and keep yourself  on the safe side. This will help you in safely meeting girls from the other side of the planet.

If you’re new to online dating you may be tempted to consider signing up to one of the totally free sites, but experienced online daters, regardless of the dating category, have come to learn that free sites are almost invariably full of scammers out to get your money and not into serious dating at all. Quality Chinese dating sites will go to great efforts to keep the scammers at bay, allowing you to waste less time on trying to weed out the liars and cheaters, and more time getting to know real Chinese women who are interested in real long term relationships. If you are serious and want to meet your perfect Chinese lifemate, then paying a nominal membership fee is a small price to pay. This way you can avail yourself of all the quality features provided to the premium members.

So when you are clear in your mind on factors like are you seeking a way to stay in tune with your friends or meet a great lifemate, and if the latter, what kind of relationship you want and what type of woman you are seeking, then you are ready to pick a dating website to find the right girlfriend for you.