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When it comes to dating Chinese women we believe we’ve discovered a new worst of the worst chinese dating sites.  Move over CHNLove.com, AsianBeauties.com and Gagamatch.com. We’ve found someone that is even scammier than the three of you. And these guys don’t restrict themselves to Chinese dating, or even Asian dating. Those are just one component of their operation. You can be scammed dating multiple ethnicities here.

This site operates as aforeignaffair.com but also operates the identical site under loveme.com (there may be more identical sites). This by itself is reason to believe they have reputation problems. But added to that they operate under the same general scheme of two of our other least favorite sites, CHNLove.com and AsianBeauties.com, which means they are probably as scammy as those two operations. After all, if it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck, odds are it’s a duck. However, you don’t have to rely on doubts and suspicions, because we have it from an insider of the operation on the Chinese end that A Foreign Affair is as scammy as it gets. This person is a family member of the owners of several of the so called “dating agencies” or “marriage agencies” that operate in China as “partners” of aforeignaffair.com.

And this person has confirmed that aforeignaffair.com knowingly promotes and even teaches the manner in which, in conjunction with them, the agencies plant fake members, write fake messages, make fake contacts and generally use every trick in the book to suck every possible dime out of the pockets of their (aforeignaffair.com’s) unsuspecting male members. If you decide to play along with these guys, you’d better have a lot of money to spare because you’re going to need it.

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But just before we get into the money angles, we want you to take note that, like the other mentioned scam sites above, every woman on aforeignaffair.com is glammed up, appears to be stunningly beautiful and looks as if she can’t wait to get naked for you. Ask yourself, does this seem like reality? Of course not. Genuine dating sites, regardless of the niche of the site generally have a membership at least somewhat the same as the general population. While it’s true that Chinese women generally keep themselves physically as attractive as possible, and they tend to often get their own glamour shots taken, by no means are all of them beautiful and by no means are all of them using glamour shots. And only a very small percentage are inclined to dress like sluts. And while even the good sites will display on their homepages some of their better looking members, when you start browsing through their pages you’ll see plenty of members who are far from being sexy, good looking eye candy. But not on the scam sites, and not on aforeignaffair.com. Don’t fall for this crap. If it looks too good to be true then it is.

Back to money. You can join A Foreign Affair for free apparently, but like any pay site there is nothing you can do except fill a profile and stare at all the aforementioned fake beautiful women. Bear in mind that on our two recommended sites you can contact every female member without any restrictions in the information you can pass on to them including all of your personal contact information and you have full use of every function on the site for a monthly fee of $34.95 on ChinaLoveMatch.net and $39.95 on ChineseLoveLinks.com (at time of writing). Those fees are discounted substantially on both sites if you choose to book a longer term. Now consider what A Foreign Affair will charge you for a “Platinum” membership (there doesn’t appear to be any other paid membership). You’d better sit down before reading this.

First, to become a Platinum member you pay $95 initially and then $29.95 each month after that. But here’s the shocker. What you get for being a Platinum member is the privilege of paying only &7.49 per message received or sent instead of $9.99 for a regular member and only $3.99 per minute for a phone call instead of $5.99. And at no time are you allowed to exchange personal contact information. Do you know how to spell SCAM! Do you recognize a RIPOFF!

Just to be clear, on ChinaLoveMatch.net for $34.95 you can message thousands of women and exchange personal contact information, and you can video chat with as many women as you wish 24 hours a day and also exchange personal contact information. ChineseLoveLinks is only slightly more, and lacks the in-depth Scammer protection, but is still a heck of a deal compared to A Foreign Affair, where for $95 up front you can then send and receive a total of 5 messages for another $37 or talk on the phone for 9 minutes for another $36. Does this make sense to you?

Being realistic let’s say you send a total of 200 messages in your first month and video chat for 20 hours. That would cost you $34.95 on ChinaLoveMatch.net or $39.95 on ChineseLoveLinks. On A Foreign Affair that would cost you $95 fee plus $1,498 for messages plus $4,788 for phone calls for a total of $6,381. You read that right – $6,381 – and you would not be allowed to exchange contact information.

And based on our inside information you would be spending that money to mostly message and phone fake members. A Foreign Affair (aforeignaffair.com or loveme.com) is a massive, massive scam. Please believe us on this and don’t go near them. You can enjoy real online Chinese dating for very reasonable prices instead of having thousands of dollars stolen from you by these crooks.