It was inevitable that the Chinese online dating scene has lent itself to the schemes of prostitutes in China. In fact, a lot of scam dating sites feature Chinese women who are actually prostitutes and use the sites to sale their wares, by either subtle or direct means. Given the huge number of single women in China who are actively seeking for a partner, casual and marriage-worthy alike, online, engaging the services of prostitutes would not make any sense at all. Perhaps understanding this, a lot of these prostitutes misrepresent themselves and find other means of getting money from foreign men on online dating sites.

Prostitutes who frequent Chinese dating sites, particularly those that cater to foreign men, often have adequate conversational English skills; they most likely developed these skills from the numerous foreign customers they have had in the real world. Since the options of foreign men looking for a partner on these matchmaking sites are often limited to women of China who can speak English to some degree, the likelihood that they will fall victim to the maneuverings of prostitutes increase.

Prostitution in China involves multiple tiers; the prostitutes are categorized based on the services they offer, who they usually service, their base of operation, or the places they frequent. As in all other countries, most prostitutes engage in this line of work as a means of supporting themselves and, sometimes, their family. There are also those who are forced into prostitution; these are usually girls from provinces who are sold in the cities. And then there are freelance prostitutes who actively made the choice to engage in the flesh trade despite being able to support themselves by other means. A lot of these girls are college students or have college education but are emotionally and psychologically damaged in some way by their family environment; they may simply be looking for a quick way to earn money or are only looking for immediate gratification because they can’t sustain genuine relationships.

Prostitutes on Chinese dating sites are the professional ones, who really need to earn money, and the freelance ones, a lot of whom are just looking for sexual relationships. Professional prostitutes, of course, provide fake details on their dating site profiles and often initiate contact with numerous foreign men. Some are more conniving and can afford to be patient and let relationships “grow” over time before they start asking for money; others are not so subtle and create stories that “justify” them asking for money. Freelance prostitutes, on the other hand, are often honest about what they are looking for. Most of the time, however, they also eventually seek financial support from their foreign “boyfriend.” They may also engage in simultaneous online relationships or move from one man to the next whenever it suits them.

How can a foreign man protect himself from these women? One of the more effective ways is to expand one’s options by learning as much of the Chinese language as possible; this way, a foreign man can also interact with Chinese women who don’t speak English. One can also ensure that he would only be dealing with honest China females, whose intentions of finding love, a relationship, and even marriage are sincere, by strictly engaging the services of a legitimate and reputable Chinese dating site. Doing adequate online research about a dating site, before engaging its services, is simple due diligence that every foreign man would be wise to practice.

There are a lot of traumatic stories and near-catastrophes involving foreign men falling victim to fraudulent activities on Chinese dating sites. A lot of these involve prostitutes and other opportunistic women who are only out to cheat men out of their money. One can learn more about these real-life experiences, as well as obtain invaluable insight about Chinese dating from blogs and forums that can be found only in the most reputable Chinese dating sites.