Unless the Chinese lady you are interested in can communicate decently in English, you may have a difficult time getting to know her better, even with the English translation tools the two of you have at your disposal. If you feel you have found somebody with really great potential, then you must try your best to get over the language barrier. One thing you can be sure of is that, if that special Chinese woman has already shown an interest in you, then she is also willing to work through the challenges in communication.

Many Chinese women on a reputable international Chinese dating site often have decent English skills. There may be some whose English skills are poor but they are often willing to keep learning and improving themselves. If the woman you’re interested in is one of the latter, your mutual interest in each other will also help her practice and improve her English. In the meantime, the two of you can still get to know each other better if you know how to foster effective communication.

How do you do this? It is like taking the lead in a dance; when you and your special China lady friend are chatting online, you can take the lead by asking the right questions.

You can easily gauge her English skills by seeing how she answers simple questions, such as “What is your favorite American movie?” This will be easy for her to answer because she will already know how to say the English title, but how she phrases her answer will, more or less, give you an idea of the level of her English skills. You can make some comments about the movie she mentions, and then ask her what she likes about it.

When you have determined how well or how poorly she communicates in English, you can properly adjust how you communicate with her so that she will be able to understand you easily. You can then proceed to ask her more about herself. Whenever you pose a question, or to introduce your question, it will help to offer the same kind of information so she will have a better idea of what you will be asking about.

For example, you can ask her about her day. First, you can tell her what you had for breakfast that morning or describe to her what your daily routine is; just remember to keep it short and sweet. Then you can ask her about how she usually starts her day. You can start with, “What do you usually have for breakfast?” or “Do you start your morning with a cup of coffee or tea?” You can follow this up with, “Do you go to a Starbucks or make your own coffee?”

If she is not comfortable with her English communication skills, she may give you very limited answers, such as a simple “Yes” or “No.” It will be up to you to get her to open up more. The key is to make her feel comfortable and you can easily do this by always offering up the same information about yourself and then helping her find the right words to express herself.

If she answers “Yes” to going to Starbucks, you can help her tell you more by saying, “I usually have the caramel macchiato, how about you? What type of coffee do you usually get?” or “Do you like your coffee very sweet? I always add extra sugar to mine.” From here, you can share each other’s eating habits and food preferences.

You must also remember to be patient and understanding, and try your best to let her know that you do not mind helping her improve her English. As they say, practice makes perfect. The more often the two of you engage in conversations/chats, the more comfortable she will be using English and opening up to you. While she is still struggling to express herself in English, take the lead in the conversation but always show respect. Additionally, give her words of encouragement when it’s appropriate.

Being a patient, understanding, and respectful guide to your Chinese lady friend while getting to know each other can go a long way in building a strong foundation for a romantic relationship; if it does not work out in the romance department, you will have, at least, gained a very good friend who can offer you guidance and valuable advice in the future, as you continue your quest for your ideal life mate.