“The Chinese eat everything with four legs, except tables, and everything that flies, except airplanes.”  When looking for the love of your life through Chinese dating, a foreign man rarely thinks about his stomach, of course.  After all, finding a Chinese wife is about the heart, metaphorically speaking.  Those who are as serious as a heart attack about spending the rest of their life with a Chinese woman, however, should also seriously think about the possibility of a major diet overhaul, especially if they will be living in China.

Chinese food is famous the world over; authentic Chinese cooking is considered one of the most crafty, too.  Exotic Chinese ingredients are as exotic as they come.  If you will be living in China with your Chinese wife, you may have your choice of city to live in, and there are several cities you can choose from where western-style food is readily available.

If you have decent cooking skills and enjoy cooking, you won’t have to completely do without the diet you have always been used to.  Perhaps, your wife can even learn to cook some of your favorite comfort foods.

What if your choice of Chinese city or region to live in is very limited?  What if you have non-existent cooking skills?  What if your living conditions (i.e. living with your wife’s parents/family in the same house) limit your choice of food to mostly or only local dishes?

Even if you will be living with your wife in your home country, you will still have to make some adjustments to your diet to accommodate hers, especially if she has certain diet cravings or needs (i.e. certain ingredients and dishes that are not available from the local Chinese restaurant) and even more so if her parents will be living with you.  Be warned, Chinese do not adjust well to Western food and chances are your new Chinese love will insist on an all Chinese food diet, at least for herself.

Rice, noodles, and tofu are a few of the top major ingredients of most Chinese dishes.  But many others use unusual and exotic ingredients that may not agree with your palate and your stomach; some of these you may find hard to believe is actually floating in your soup or sitting on your plate.

The aforementioned saying is not an exaggeration.  The list of weird ingredients that the Chinese use in their dishes can make one cringe just by reading it.  Thousand year old eggs, bird’s nest, turtle meat, shark fin, sea cucumber, sea urchins, star fish, jelly fish, seaweed, and some wild mushrooms may still be acceptable to you.

The meat of dogs, cats, lizards, snakes, and rats are only some of the least weird and retch-inducing ingredients you will encounter in many restaurants and on the streets.  Other foods that may just make you crinkle your nose in distaste include seahorses, scorpions, grasshoppers, sparrows, and live shrimp.

And then there are certain animal parts, from both common and unusual animal food sources, that may make you lose your appetite when they are served for family dinner or at a banquet.  These include coagulated duck blood, duck feet in duck blood, goose stomach, chicken feet, pigeon brain, pork lungs, pig hoof, monkey’s head, and goat genitals, to name a few.

Of course, the possibility that you will have to give up your steak and barbecued ribs for cat meat or pig’s brain is very small; but it is still a possibility.  It is more than likely that, if you will be living in China with your wife (and even if you will be living in the same house with her family), you will be in one of the many cities or major regions where you will have better food choices, including western ones.

Just to be on the safe side, it may be a good idea for you to start learning how to cook some of your favorite dishes that use easy-to-find ingredients.  Or you can always stock up on canned food and other foods that keep from your home country.

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