About Us

This review site is owned and operated by a married couple who are a Western Man and a Chinese woman.  We met several years ago on what was then a good online Chinese dating site that has since gone significantly downhill.  However, even then we were aware that the site we were on was becoming a breeding ground for scammers and was showing little interest in doing anything about it.

We opened this Chinese dating reviews site in hopes of giving readers the straight goods on which sites are good (there aren’t many), which sites are truly bad and cannot be trusted and which sites are just a waste of your time.  Our goal is simply to help you help yourself in your goal to cross cultural lines, overcome language barriers and meet a great Chinese life partner if you’re a western man or meet a great western life partner if you’re a Chinese women.

In the interest of openness, we have affiliate or other economic ties to each of the websites we recommend.  However, if this was simply a moneymaking proposition we could have affiliated with all of them and given them all good grades. In fact, the two sites that we brutally pan and have flat out stated can’t be trusted would have paid us far greater affiliate fees than the fees paid by those sites we recommend.  But that would defeat our primary purpose, which is to try to help others find and enjoy a great lifemate as we have done.

We stand by our Best and Worst lists as being 100% honestly felt, and as the best advice you could hope for as you enter into the world of online Chinese dating.  If you follow our recommendations we assure you that your chances of success are very high, and your enjoyment of Chinese online dating will be profound. On the other hand, if you ignore our warnings you will stand a very good chance of, at worst, uselessly spending a lot of money on meeting and messaging non-existent Chinese dating site members, and at best wasting a lot of time and energy with little or no chance of success.

We hope you’ll heed our advice and we wish you the very best on your search and hope you find happiness as we have.